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Best Zero Turn Mower: Kubota Mowers vs. Ferris Mowers

Best Zero Turn Mower: Kubota Mowers vs. Ferris Mowers

The zero turn mower market has been defined by competing brands bringing more value to consumers. But, do you need the terrain hugging ability of the Kubota or the speed & toughness of the Ferris mower? As spring continues and summer creeps in, now is the time to start planning your lawn mowing for 2021. But, how do you know which zero turn mower is right for you? Hold on, as we unveil the top 3 secrets behind both mowers. 

Top 3 Secrets to the successful Kubota Mower

Kubota Mowers have been around for almost a century. But, what has changed for Kubota in all of that time? The answer is not much. While other mower companies keep tweaking and adding more and more models to their line. Kubota sticks to a pretty straight path. They work on building the best mowers possible. 

Brand name recognition means a lot to customers. However, Kubota sticks to a few major models instead of spreading themselves thin with a multitude of mowers. That means less navigation of options for consumers and more focus on things that matter such as horsepower and usability. Too often the mower world gets dominated by add-ons and perks, but fails to actually create an ideal mower. Kubota gets to the heart of the mowing matter. 

All Kubota mowers feature the step through design. While long-time Kubota users take this feature for granted, it's a welcome perk for people that user other lawn mower brands. That means you don't have to lift your legs or step over anything to get into this mower. It's easy entry and exit without having to worry about obstructions to mower use. It's a beautiful feature that you don't notice right away, but by hour 3 or 4 of a mowing job...it feels like a blessing. 

While Kubota Mowers are simple, reliable and incredible durable; their consistent quality gets high marks from customers. The typical praise centers around being easy to maintain, their overall comfort and fuel economy. Regardless of the model, the high marks from customers remain the same. So, we know that customers love Kubota...what about Ferris?

Top 3 Secrets to the successful Ferris Mower

Ferris Mowers are proudly made in Central New York. American made and proud, the Ferris Mower has developed a fanbase due to its maneuverability. That speed and toughness that comes from a traditional American design is missing in the mower field. Many customers flock to that fact, as they want modern comfort with old world dependability. 

You can go 500 hours between oil changes. That's quite the upgrade from the 100 hour window that came with the older Ferris Mowers. The Oil Guard system is why many people choose Ferris lawn mowers. Vanguard and Big Block mowers get the increased Oil Interval perks, but that's what tends to be in-demand for customers looking for newer mowers. But, the oil change help means that mowers get better filtration and run cleaner. 

If that wasn't enough, Ferris features the ICD cutting system. While the ICD promises a quality cut, it does this by forcing the blades of grass forward. Think of it as giving your lawn a precise shave with a mower that clips in a more diverse pattern. Few mowers featuring a patented cutting system that works in that fashion. So, it's worth buying for the innovation alone. 

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