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Used Tractor Deals Near Me This Summer 2021 and beyond

Supply chain issues have been plaguing every industry across America and the world. So, as you make your plans for summer pickups and for the rest of 2021, what is actually in stock near you?

Lamb and Webster has these specific hard-to-find and backordered products on hand

Zero turn mowers are a cornerstone of the outdoor summer experience. Gone are the days of sending the oldest kids out to drag your mower through the lawn. Times have changed and mowing has become an ideal experience. But, not everyone has the same lawn, land and related terrain issues. So, what works for the major land types that you might face?

Kioti tractors are one of the newer brands introduced to America. Arriving on the scene in 1986, they quickly found themselves a fan base among farmers and land maintenance workers looking for a new way to maintain land. Mid-size land maintenance workers will enjoy the high horsepower in a smaller relative frame.

Kioti owners tend to report better than average fuel efficiency. We all know how much that helps in the current economy. Plus, users rarely report issues operating in high or low temperatures. Newer Kioti models also report higher levels of hydraulic flow. Sometimes, as much as a 34% difference between their nearest competitor.

That means faster load times and more steering power for loader work. It also gives extra oomph for grapple attachments. In addition, newer Kioti models also display slightly improved 3pt lift capacity over similar brands. 

Even if something is backordered, there are ways to use the backorder process in your outdoor labor planning

Ferris Mowers require a knowledge of where you're working. Small and mid-size lawns would tend to best work with a walk behind mower. The manufacturer themselves says that if you can do the job in under 40 minutes, then a walk behind mower is every bit as efficient as a zero turn. 

Kubota deals in more steady and traditional equipment. In fact, many that started with Kubota decades ago are introducing the equipment to new generations of farm workers. Efficient and robust designs on the Kubota are complimented by long-term favorite features such as the loader joystick. 

While some dealers face backorder issues, this is the time to consider a brand that you might not have tried out before. If we learned anything coming out of 2020, this is the time to try something new when life throws you a curveball. Keep reading, as Lamb and Webster will be highlighting more equipment as 2021 continues. 

What about the snowy winter of 2021 and 2022? Have you thought about a Cub Cadet?

Cub Cadet snow blowers are a classic feature of many rural winters. Before we closed out today, we wanted to make sure that you were already planning for the Late Fall and Early Winter. Engineer for extreme snowfall, these snow blowers will clear driveways, sidewalks and other paths around the country.

Winter equipment requires attacking the situation in three stages. Direct snow blowing is ideal for wet compact snow. However, you might need to invest in track-driven and wheel powered options to clear large snow and ice clumps. 

What else should I be looking for in Used Deals and Used Tractor Deals?

Used Ag Tractors Deals are becoming rare. However, Lamb and Webster is on your side to help you find what you need. Woodhull, Springville, North Java and Grove City locations all feature various Case IH, Kubota and Mahindra models at competitive pricing. The 2015 Case IH Magnum 310 CVT features a financing deal over in North Java

As Lamb and Webster continues to highlight these deal opportunities, we will be drawing attention to all of the Used Tractor Deals you can find at all four of our locations. Who knows what you might find? For example, there's a 2016 Case IH Puma 150 with only 827 hours on it. It's right there in Grove City waiting for you. 

Keep searching for those Used Tractor Deals and we will keep highlighting the ways to save today and in the future.