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Claas LINER 3600

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Setting new standards.

The unique design of the LINER 4000 facilitates new standards of windrowing performance. With a working width of up to 49 ft (15 m) and a transport height under 13.1 ft (4 m), the LINER 4000 combines maximum work rates and optimum flexibility. The perfectly shaped windrow created by the LINER 4000 is ideal for maximizing the workload of the JAGUAR.

System output boosted.

Having an optimal crop flow for the following machinery with perfect windrow forms is invaluable. With four rotors, the performance of the JAGUAR is enhanced even further, since, thanks to the larger working widths, there is a substantial reduction in the area you need to cover. Users report gains of up to 30 percent in forage harvester performance. With the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER, you can deposit a working width of 59 ft (18 m) over just 39.3 ft (12 m) and collect the conditioned crop over a single windrow with the LINER 3600. This mowing strategy substantially boosts chopping performance, with a 40 percent increase in throughput.

Comfortable to operate.

The 3600 features standard hydraulics. The machine comes equipped with the CLAAS OPERATOR. The CLAAS COMMUNICATOR II and other ISOBUS-capable terminals will also work with the LINER 3600.

With ISOBUS operation, various functions can be assigned to the tractor's spool valves, providing additional support for the driver in the form of numerous automated processes. The ideal working conditions help to eliminate errors, and the driver benefits from savings in fuel, running costs and labor time.

Clear benefits.

  • Full use of the working width and an increased acreage per hour
  • Straightforward headland management: adjustable time sequence for lifting and lowering the front and rear rotor pairs, hydraulically adjustable lift height at headlands to suit every type of forage crop and an automatic folding windrow guard for maximum ground clearance
  • Convenient folding in and out from inside the cab
  • Infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment of windrow and working width
  • Different parameters can be determined and stored to match the particular operating conditions (such as different windrow widths and raking heights)
  • Overview of all the services provided and customer data in conjunction with the hectare counter
  • Display for maximum steering lock clearly visible from the tractor seat


Work goes on without leaving the cab.

With a transport height of less than 13.1 ft (4 m), the LINER 3600 model combines maximum area output and extreme flexibility. To reduce the transport height, the main frame and the rotors can be hydraulically lowered from the tractor seat. The rotors are automatically locked when folded. It is not necessary to remove individual tine arms. In the LINER 3600, the chassis can be lowered while driving using a single-acting spool valve without switching on the terminal. This allows you to adjust the transport height or the ground clearance to conditions. A marking on the chassis cylinder shows the range that can be adjusted with the spool valve. The integrated rotor suspension additionally ensures safe and comfortable road transport.

The warning signs and lighting can be folded to negotiate narrow entrances to yards and fields.

LEDs – so you're never left in the dark.

Even when you need to work well into the night, you'll always enjoy all-round visibility. Perfect lighting is provided by a total of three optional LED work lights (two for the front rotors and one for the windrow). The special light assists the driver by provided maximum contrast, yet without dazzle, ensuring optimal illumination around the rake. The work lights are activated automatically along with the tractor lights in darkness.


Liner 3600
Mounting type 2-pt trailed
Mounting category Cat. II
Working width ft 32'6" - 41'
Windrow width ft, approx 3'11" - 7'7"
Number of rotors 4
Rotor diameter ft 10'10"
Tine arms per rotor set 12
Dual tines per arm set 4
Tine diameter mm 9.5
PROFIX tine arm bracket Standard
Windrow laying position Center Center
PTO shaft speed rpm 540
Hydraulic spool valves 1 x da
● Standard ○ Optional – Not Available