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Claas Lexion 670TT / 670

Claas Lexion 670TT / 670 for sale at Springville, North Java, Woodhull, Grove City, New York & Pennsylvania

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Claas Lexion 670TT / 670 for sale at Springville, North Java, Woodhull, Grove City, New York & Pennsylvania



Crop flow. Committed to productivity.

Time is money and we at CLAAS know you expect the highest possible productivity from your combine, so we are committed to bringing you just that. From the moment the crop flows into the feederhouse and into the APS straw walker system, to the moment the clean grain hits the grain tank and residue is spread, we offer more capacity, more performance and more efficiency.

HP feederhouse.

The HP feederhouse is designed for all crops and features an extra wide channel (same as the threshing system) with a shallow angle that provides a smooth, gentle transition for the crop into the APS threshing system.

APS straw walker system.

The APS straw walker system on the LEXION 600 Series uses the same high capacity APS threshing technology as the LEXION 700 Series. The APS threshing system allows the LEXION 670 to excel in capacity due to the reduced amount of grain needing to be separated by the straw walkers compared to competitive straw walker combines.

Standard cleaning.

The standard cleaning fan has three fan housings, each fitted with dual fans that blow through an upper and lower channel for strategic wind placement into the cleaning area.

Grain tank and unloading.

All LEXION combines are equipped standard with power-folding bin extensions. Constructed of steel, the extensions are controlled hydraulically from the cab and raise and lower rapidly to avoid any downtime. Unloading the LEXION grain tank is fast and efficient with its heavy-duty drive. The #80 O-ring sealed chain increases the service interval for greater uptime and longer chain life.

Residue management systems.

CLAAS offers four residue management systems with almost endless options and conveniences to fit all your residue management needs: PRO CHOP, TURBO CHOP, Standard Chopper, and Straw Spreaders.

Engine + Ground drive. Committed to performance.

At CLAAS, machine development means an ongoing effort to achieve even greater efficiency and reliability, as well as greater profitability in the field. This applies to all aspects of a LEXION combine. The drive system is of critical importance – and includes much more than just a powerful engine. The combination of experience gained in the more than 75 years of combine production and more than 20 years of LEXION development has resulted in the best ever CLAAS drive system that delivers the best working results.


The engine range from Mercedes Benz and Caterpillar (up to 15.6 l) delivers top performance for the LEXION combine while keeping operating costs down.


Automatic cooling intelligence.

All LEXION combines are equipped with the revolutionary DYNAMIC COOLING system, which is positioned horizontally behind the engine to pull air from above the combine where it is coolest and cleanest. Air is drawn through the radiator housing and engine compartment by the cooling fan, then exits out the vents in the side panel where it forces dust and light debris away from the combine – preventing it from being pulled in by the cooling fan.


Full suspension.

The generation three TERRA TRAC offers the highest quality ride with the lowest ground pressure. Its exclusive fully-suspended in-line design ensures more efficient transfer of power to its 35 in wide belts for maximum traction and leading flotation. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders dampen the movement of the track frame as it takes on the shape of the terrain to ensure full belt contact for reduced compaction and leading comfort and stability.

4-link rear axle.

The industry’s first suspended rear combine axle, developed by CLAAS, sets a new standard for combine steering axles. Unlike conventional center-pivoting steering axles, the 4-link steering axle is suspended from two points that not only allow it to pivot, but also to shift sideways for improved terrain compensation and steering. A larger steering angle and center-mounted steering cylinder provide additional performance improvement.


POWER TRAC is a combine rear wheel assist system designed by CLAAS specifically for LEXION combines. It features a large hydrostatic motor connected to a differential mounted centrally to the front side of the rear axle. Power is transferred from the differential to planetary wheel drives by drive shafts running through the axle. POWER TRAC gives LEXION combines 33 percent more rear wheel tractive power over conventional hydraulic wheel motor systems. 

Cab + Comfort. Committed to operator comfort.

Greater support for the operator. CLAAS pulls out all the stops to maintain a high level of operator comfort for sustained productivity – even when workdays are extra long.


The LEXION cab gives the operator freedom of movement, a clear layout of all controls and excellent visibility all around. The air conditioning maintains a consistent, comfortable atmosphere, and when combined with superb soundproofing and a three-position adjustable steering column, the LEXION cab provides first-class working conditions.


The CEBIS display allows total machine monitoring and control through its clear, intuitive menu structure. The 8.4 in color screen is adjustable to reduce operator strain.


The new CEBIS MOBILE display features a 12 in color touch-screen with large, easy-to-read icons and a simple, user-friendly layout.

CMOTION multifunction lever.

The CMOTION multifunction control lever plays a key role in making the LEXION combine user-friendly and comfortable for the operator. The CMOTION lever was specially developed for ergonomic operation. The innovative three-finger control concept allows several functions to be controlled intuitively without having to reposition one’s hand.


The lighting systems ensure the best visibility for the entire work area and machine parts, even at night.

Operator assistance. Committed to optimization.

Focus on harvesting instead of adjusting. Our operator assistance technology helps take the guess work out of setting your combine.


CEMOS AUTOMATIC, the LEXION flagship technology and title for all operator assistance and optimization technology, encompasses a number of functions for optimized machine performance. The functions available with the LEXION 600 Series are: CEMOS AUTO THRESHING, CEMOS AUTO CLEANING, CEMOS AUTO CROP FLOW, CEMOS AUTO SLOPE and CEMOS CRUISE PILOT.

The CEMOS AUTOMATIC functions adjust the machine continuously and automatically in line with the current harvesting conditions and enable maximum throughput with top grain quality and cleaning while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.

 All the operator has to do is activate the automatic function.




LEXION model 670TT/670
Class size 7
Threshing and separation system APS straw walker system
Threshing width (in/mm) 67/1700
Grain tank capacity (bu/l) 330/11,500
Unloading rate (bu/l sec) 3.8/130
Engine manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Cylinders/ Displacement I-6/10.6
Rated power (hp/kW) 375/280
Power bulge (hp/kW) 402/300
Fuel tank capacity (gal/l) 211/800
Exhaust treatment SCR
DEF tank capacity (gal/l) 22/85