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speed tube focus on the plantFocused on the perfect plant - and speed.

SpeedTube has broken seed tube convention. Planting with SpeedTube enables accurate seed spacing at any speed — regular seed tubes just can’t handle going faster. Take control of your best planting window at double your speed.

The secret is in the flighted belt that takes gravity out of the equation. There’s no opportunity for seeds to ricochet into the trench. Even at twice the speed you normally plant, every seed arrives safely at the bottom of the trench, spaced evenly, every time.

So the perfect plant spacing is attainable, while Maximizing that perfect planting window.



More Acres, Less Iron

You can plant twice as much with the same iron. And you don’t have to worry about making the perfect planting window. SpeedTube makes use of modern data and planning strategies so you don’t miss out — you win. With the planter in your shed today.
speed tube exposed full



The Solution To Speed

As speeds increase, today’s planters struggle to maintain good spacing. SpeedTube solves these problems, so you can plant faster without sacrificing yield:

The row unit and meters bounce causing seeds drop at different speeds, which changes the spacing. SpeedTube solves it.

As planting speeds increase, seeds increasingly bounce and roll in the trench. SpeedTube solves it.



speedtube grabGrab It

Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk, placing it onto the belt, and safely delivering it to the bottom of the trench.



speedtube controlControl It

The belt matches the speed of the planter and carries the seed to the bottom of the trench. SpeedTube doesn’t rely on gravity to get the seed in the right place. It controls the seed from meter to furrow.



speedtube driveDrive It

vDrive power with a 12V motor and an integrated controller for sub-second execution. And a seed delivery and drive system built for durability.



speedtube releaseRelease It

The belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed, so you get optimal seed placement. Planting is consistent, regardless of planter speed. There is no bounce or roll in the trench. Spacing accuracy and yield are preserved.



SpeedTube engineering, capabilities, and results in the field.

Get total spacing control, meter to furrow, faster.

Plant two times faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Planting time is limited and critical. Larger planters are not the answer to growing farm sizes. The high speed planter of tomorrow is in your shed, today — because now there’s SpeedTube.

Powered with a 12 volt motor and integrated controller and seed sensor, SpeedTube has a belt that spins at a rate that changes with planter speed. By eliminating seed roll, you get optimal seed placement while planting at two times the speed you’ve planted in the past.



SpeedTube explained.

Engineered for speed and the utmost accuracy.

Gravity is taken out of the equation with SpeedTube.

Who doesn’t want to go faster? That’s what our engineers asked themselves as they developed SpeedTube. The problem has always been that going faster eliminates your chance at picket fence stands.

But what if gravity had nothing to do with it? The flighted belt is the answer. By controlling the seed all the way from the meter disk to the furrow, the problem is solved. Feeder wheels at the top of the SpeedTube grab the seed from the disk and deposit it into a flighted belt that controls the seed all the way to the bottom of the trench.