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vdrive soloControl & Accuracy

With its row-by-row control, you’ll get precisely planted headlands,high-definition population reporting, and even the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass.



vdrive ipad results screenGreen On The Curves

Standard drive motors don’t allow individual rows (from the outside to the inside of the planter) to adjust around curves. With vDrive, each row adjusts independently, so you get accurate populations on curves and with your prescriptions.



vDrive In Action

plant better, in every foot of your field

vDrive takes vSet to the next level, making the most of seeds.

Corn seeds will never feel the same way about a meter and drive system again.

vDrive brings single-row control to the vSet meters you know and love. vSet brings a relentless singulator that has five floating steel lobes to ensure one seed per hole, with all kinds of seeds. And with a flat disk, you get consistent seed release, every time.

Master planting population control, easily with this perfect pairing.




vDrive engineering, capabilities, and results in the field.

even more precise population, simply

Combine planter drive and swath control, with no chain and cable maintenance.

The maintenance parts of the planter are now gone.

No more lubing chains, sprockets and drives and no more worrying about hydraulics. You can clean up your planter with a drive on every row.

vDrive has superior population control. The integrated controller in the motor allows for sub-second execution of the correct population, row by row AND around curves.

Enhanced with Climate Fieldview Plus.



vdrive vset in actionvSet Unleashed

vSet meters are an engineering marvel. Combine them with vDrive and get amazingly precise population control through curves and ground speed changes. vDrive works with all variable rate prescriptions – even highly granular ones.



vdrive precisionPrecise & Smart

Spacing and delivery are suddenly smart — the seed is delivered down the center of the tube with perfect spacing for your application. Additionally, vDrive has some quality brains on board, with an integrated controller in the motor allowing for sub-second execution.